Your boat floats like an autumn leaf atop the water’s glassy surface. As the sun slowly summits the Adirondack Mountains, their spitting-image reflects on Mirror Lake. A steaming thermos of coffee warms your hands against the morning dew, and emerald trees line the sleepy shore. That’s the serenity you’ll find during Adirondack fishing trips. Grand Adirondack Hotel is near the many bountiful streams and lakes surrounding Lake Placid. Fishing guides and boat rentals are available here, too. So when you find yourself in need of a little rest and relaxation, go fishing in Upstate NY’s finest mountain town.

Lake Placid Fishing Boat Rentals

For the experienced angler, a boat rental may be the only necessary Lake Placid fishing equipment. There are two incredible shops in Lake Placid with fishing boats and instruction. 

  • Captain Marney’s offers fully customizable boating excursions. Rent your vehicle for any amount of time, from one hour to an entire week. It’s just three minutes away from Grand Adirondack Hotel and the gorgeous downtown Lake Placid.
  • Placid Boat Rentals is situated on the stretch of land between Lake Placid and Mirror Lake, so you’ll have access to two lakes with this shop. It’s just four minutes from the comfort of your room in our Adirondack hotel.

Lake Placid fishing boat rentals are ideal for those who have some experience on the water and who have their own tackle. If you’re in need of other equipment, such as rods and reels, an Adirondack fishing guide might be a good option for you.

Adirondack Fishing Guides

Wiley’s Flies, one of the best Adirondack fishing guide services, is just 30 minutes from Grand Adirondack Hotel. Their NY fishing charters are customizable, with options for both spin and fly fishing in Upstate NY. The list of New York freshwater fish is extensive. However, you can expect crowd-pleasers like bass, trout, walleye, northern pike, salmon, and muskies (pictured) during your Lake Placid fishing trip. Depending on which species you want to target, the professional Wiley’s Flies guides will take you to lakes or streams near our Adirondack hotel. Each part of our region provides a different outdoor adventure.

Adirondack Hotel by the Lake

The city of Lake Placid is, of course, near Lake Placid. But there are many other incredible lakes to explore. From the Saranac Chain to Whiteface Bay, you’ll never run out of new places to cast your line. And after a warm day on the water, you can stop for an ice-cold pint of beer at one of our fabulous local breweries. Contact us today to begin planning your Upstate NY fishing trip!