Bike into summer on our gorgeous, Lake Placid bike trails. Zoom around the Adirondacks under a cloudless sky and exuberant pines. During your Grand Adirondack Hotel, take advantage of our public bike rentals and trail options. You’re sure to appreciate the opportunity to disconnect from your bustling, busy life for a few hours and experience Lake Placid, NY, as you never have before. 

Bike Rentals Near You

Luckily for you, Lake Placid trails are abundant, so you’re sure to find a Lake Placid bike rental option that works for you. If you’re leaning towards riding around down and exploring paved trails, a straightforward road bike may best suit your needs. However, if you’re looking forward to hitting up some of the singletrack trails nestled in our abundant forests, you’ll definitely want a mountain bike. 

Road Cycling

There’s no right or wrong way to move forward from here. Feel free to grab a bike, strap on a helmet, and freestyle your way around town. Or, you can check out some popular Lake Placid road cycling trails. Take a serene loop around River Road or bask in the stunning mountain scenery on Adirondack Loj Road. You could even pack a picnic for your Lake Placid trail. 

Mountain Biking

You’ve probably never experienced anything like mountain biking in Lake Placid, NY. Thanks to the combined efforts of local landowners and the Barkeater Trails Alliance, the area around Lake Placid has some of the best mountain bike trails in NY. Some of the more popular go-to bike trails are the Lussi & Loggers Trails. Or, if you’re hoping for something a little more structured, you can head to Wild Flowers Tours. They’ll provide you with a mountain bike rental, and you can choose from several Wild Flowers themed tours or customize where you’d like to explore

Lake Placid Trails for Everyone 

Biking is a popular Lake Placid summer activity. In fact, the Whiteface Region—which is just down the road from Lake Placid, NY—is the biking capital of the Adirondack. So, you’re bound to find something that suits your fancy. Once you’ve had your daily fill of majestic, Adirondack scenery, you’ll want to adjourn to your cozy room at Grand Adirondack Hotel. If you’re looking for other things to do in Lake Placid, NY, or have more questions about our Lake Placid trails, please give us a call at 518-302-7559. We’re happy to help.